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Peep Silk pillowcases, face masks, eye mask and hair scrunchies

Peep Silk

There are many health and beauty benefits of sleeping on silk. The biggest one for me is how good silk pillowcases are for your hair!

Sleeping on silk helps protect your hair because silk doesn’t cause friction like cotton, which can cause breakage, frizz and bedhead.

It’s also brilliant for your skin too, again, unlike cotton it’ll help your skin retain its natural hydration, plus those overnight cotton creases will be eliminated!

Silk is also antibacterial and antimicrobial and it doesn’t harbour dust mites, so if you have allergies silk bedding is definitely worth considering.

Not all silk pillowcases are the same

Peep’s are made from the highest grade A, 22 momme silk, and they are great value too compared to others on the market of the same quality.

I love the range so much I decided to stock Peep Silk’s range in our boutique and online too.

The range includes pillowcases, sleep masks (perfect for the perfect night’s peep! And for using on planes!) Plus, we will soon have the hair scrunchies and we can order full bedding sets too if you get totally obsessed.

If you’d like to see for yourself pop into our boutique in Prestbury village, or buy online for nationwide delivery.

Use code ‘Peep’ for 20% off at checkout.



Keeping hair in salon worthy condition
Silk is much softer and more forgiving than any cotton alternative (yes, even better than the 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets you think you’ve fallen in love with). By switching to silk, you’re ensuring your hair is gliding across the pillow at night, no matter how much you might toss and turn.

Keeping hair sleek and split-end free
Eliminate the threat of bad hair days. With no night-time friction, you’ll join the select few hair goddesses that genuinely did “just wake up that way.

No need to over wash
We all know the importance of sulphate-free shampoos in protecting our routine cut and colour, but how about the dehydration that comes from over washing? The cooling benefit of Peep silk pillowcases means less excess root moisture, keeping our morning routines quicker and helping us keep our hairstyles for longer.

Promotes hair growth and volume
By preventing nightly damage and breakage, this also means it will help boost hair volume and promote growth. Waking up with luscious long hair never felt so easy.


Naturally antimicrobial
Why should our hair have all the love? 100% silk is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it is cleaner and more hygienic than a regular cotton or polyester pillowcase. Helping keep our skin clean and bacteria free.

Less friction, less creases, less wrinkles
Say goodbye to the pillow crease across our cheeks in the morning. Their smooth surface and less friction mean less tugging on our skin than traditional cotton.

Keeping skin moisturised
Because of Peep silk’s super smooth texture along with the benefit that it’s naturally less prone to absorb moisture, our creams and serums will stay where they should be – on our skin working their magic ’til morning.

Blissful beauty sleep
The cooling and soothing comfort of Peep silk pillowcases means getting the best sleep possible by naturally helping to regulate body temperature. Cotton is prone to absorb moisture, while silk wicks it away keeping us cool and dry night after night.